Third Wave Outsourcing: Finding the Best Talent for your Business

Finding the Best Talent

Finding the best talent for your business is one of the key components of Third Wave Outsourcing. Having the right people for the job enables your organization to maximize the benefits that comes with outsourcing. These include keeping up with the demands of your diverse base, expanding to foreign markets, coming out ahead of your competition, or simply accelerating organizational transformation.

Whatever the reason is, you need to hire the best talent in the market to help you get there. In today’s competitive job market, top talent won’t be falling into your lap any time soon. Rather than waiting for candidates to come to you, direct your efforts toward strategically sourcing the best talent.

How do you find the best talent for your business? 

  1. Get on the same page with the hiring manager during the candidate sourcing process.

Align with your hiring managers early and be on the same page about what and where to look out for the best candidate. 

  1. Leverage past recruiting work to generate future candidates.

Devoting time and effort to source quality candidate ensures a successful hire – now and in the near future. Keep tabs on reasons why they failed to secure a role and offer them constructive feedback even after they don’t get hired. This will make it less awkward when you circle back to them in case there are relevant job openings within your organization. 

  1. Diversify your online candidate sourcing channels.

Most recruiters and sourcers favor certain platforms and channels to find candidates. However, using less frequently fished sources into the mix might increase your chances of encountering top talents who aren’t that visible in more popular sites. 

  1. Include offline candidate sourcing processes

Going offline and meeting people face-to-face at industry-specific conferences and job events is a great way to source new candidates. There will be less competition to stand out as an employer, and candidates will be more likely to respond to your follow-up messages after they’ve had a conversation with you in person. 

  1. Utilize your employees’ networks for sourcing candidates

Employees’ networks are another way organizations can use to expand their talent pool. By running candidate sourcing sessions, your employees can help you reach untapped talent and improve your chances of finding a good fit for one of your open roles. 

  1. Source candidates for roles you don’t have open yet

A proactive approach, according to Sedef Buyukataman, Talent Brand Strategist at Proactive Talent Strategies, starts by building personas based on your business growth plans and then identifying the level and skill sets required. “Aggregate those skills and what you know about company and team culture so you can begin to source for specific profiles (personas) in a focused but on ongoing way,” he explained.

  1. Perfect your outreach messages for sourcing candidates

You’ve worked hard to source the right candidates, but that doesn’t matter if they won’t engage with you. When sending out job ads, use standout subject lines that would encourage candidates to read your message. Provide a brief picture of the role and make sure to include relevant information that matches the candidate’s work experience and expertise. 

  1. Build a strong employer brand

When brands have a negative public perception or relatively unknown, top candidates usually don’t pay too much attention to them. A strong employer brand, on the other hand, is an incredibly effective recruiting tool.

  1. Follow up with candidates who don’t respond

Follow up recruiting emails, according to Founder and CEO of Social Talent Johnny Campbell, will generate more responses than initial reach-outs. He explained, “Follow ups are effective because persistent outreach triggers obligation. Whatever the reason (maybe the candidate was busy the first day you emailed them, timing was off, they respect perseverance, etc.), repetition works.”

  1. Use the right tool

At Outsource Asia, we think sourcers and recruiters deserve better. Our goal is to help you minimize the copious manual work involved in effective sourcing, so you’ll have way more time to focus on the work that truly matters.




The best talents are in such high demand that it’s necessary to be more strategic if you want to win them for your team. When the competition for top-tier talent is high, you must go out and find the caliber of candidates you need for your organization to succeed. These candidate sourcing strategies can help you fill your pipeline with qualified candidates so you can choose the best hire for your team.  

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