Finding the Best Talent in the Third Wave of Outsourcing

Third Wave of Outsourcing

Third Wave Outsourcing

Outsourcing is a business practice wherein a company or an organization hires a third party to obtain its services. The outsourcing partner takes over a part of the company’s operations to let the business focus on their core functions or unique business purpose. Historically outsourcing was a business strategy for increasing cost efficiency. Hiring an outsourced team tends to be more economical than training and building an in-house team. However, many companies are now seeing the advantages of outsourcing beyond its original cost-cutting benefit. And it all starts with the people.  

Outsourcing can help your company acquire skilled workers that are experts in their field. So now, instead of outsourcing for cost-effectiveness, outsourcing is driven more and more by the need to find the best talent to help companies compete and succeed in a global market. The Third Wave of Outsourcing brings with it a new generation of companies who are willing to go the extra mile, literally, to find stars to help their companies skyrocket. But who are these talented outsourcing partners, and what makes them the best? 

The Best Talent

Finding the best talent can be like finding a needle in a haystack. The right person must have the skill set, the attitude, the passion, and the mindset of a champ. Additionally, they need to have values that will allow them to help create a successful company. This means that they need to be innovative and willing to learn. To be able to truly contribute, the best talent is always a step above the rest, but able to compete toe to toe with the best in the world.  

The Characteristics of the Best Talent
  • Professionalism. It is important for professionals to conduct themselves properly. Having a level of professionalism means having a great work ethic and a great professional reputation. 
  • People With Integrity. Working with people who are honest and have integrity is essential for building trust. These are people willing to tell you what they really think. Often, the truth is a great place to start when building a partnership.
  • Creators and Innovators. It is always nice to have creatives and innovators. These are people who can introduce new ideas and produce unique strategies for the team. Their suggestions are always worth listening to because they can think of ways to improve a project or an operation.
  • Delivers Quality Work. The best talent always has a bright background and a portfolio of their past work. You’ll be assured that these people are trained and are experts in their specific field.
  • Positive Working Attitude. It’s always a pleasure to work with positive people. They improve the team’s energy with their optimism and happy disposition. 
  • Learners. Any employee knows the value of learning. Even if they’re some of the best in their fields, learning lets them grow. Being open to new ideas and insights help them not be stagnant.
  • Responsible. Employees who know their responsibilities and take care of them are prized people in a team. They know their work and the things that are expected of them.
  • Dependable. In connection with how the best talent is responsible, they’re also dependable. It’s important to have people on your team that you know you can depend on. And this does not only apply to sharing workloads but having someone who can take responsibility for their work. 
  • Team Players. The best talent are team players. They have the ability to work harmoniously with other people. They can integrate themselves into any team and contribute to a great workflow.
How Can You Recognize the Best Talent?
  • Know their skills. The best hires are the ones that have the skills that will fit in their jobs. Conduct interviews to know more about them and to learn what they can contribute. Allow them to show their talents through a series of tests like questionnaires and problem-solving exercises. Give them real-world scenarios and challenges that the company goes through to know how they might do their jobs.
  • Motivated People. Sure, the biggest reason people apply for a job may be because of the salary, but the best talent always goes the extra mile. Aside from earning, they are there to learn and to contribute. They have the drive to do better every day. They have an actual interest in the position, the company, and the service they provide by being there.
  • Culture Fit. It is important to find people who fit in with the culture and the vision you have. Knowing their personalities will help you learn if a certain individual’s work beliefs align with yours. It is necessary to find the right fit because they can complement your work ethic and your work style.
  • Never Judge a Book by its Cover. In a world where everyone is interconnected, it doesn’t matter if your best talent is a kilometer away or thousands of miles away. Talent is talent. It doesn’t matter if you can’t speak each other’s language fluently, for as long as you know that their skills and expertise can speak for themselves.
  • They are your partners. The best talent is not just another employee, they are, in a way, your business partners. They will advocate for your business and are enthusiastic about your brand. They can help you grow your business because they are open to suggestions and to ideas. They are team players that uplift the team to greater heights. More than this, they are your partners because they have your best interests in mind.

More on Third Wave Outsourcing

The Third Wave Outsourcing is a new era for growth and expansion. It gives people and their skills a spotlight to shine. For employers, it’s a race to find the best of the best for their companies, no matter where they are. It is easy to cross borders and cultures for the assurance that your company will be in great hands.

Truly, the Third Wave of Outsourcing is such a vast new world. Interested in learning more about it? Watch for the upcoming e-book on Third Wave Outsourcing. Sign up here to be notified when it is released and receive related news and updates!