What Business Areas to Outsource  

What Business Areas to Outsource  

Outsourcing can be a very exciting and fulfilling venture to take. It’s an excellent, proven strategy to increase your profit by saving time and energy to focus on your core competencies. However, for those who are exploring outsourcing for the first time, it can be a bit tricky to figure out what exactly you should outsource.  

There are many factors to consider in deciding which business area to outsource for your own business. These include the nature of your business, structure of your organization and size of your office and budget.  

Despite every company being unique, there are 7 business areas which are perfect for outsourcing for most businesses. These are integral to running companies smoothly, yet not the core focus of the business. At the same time, they are standardized and generally follow the same process in different companies. 

1. Customer Service 

Customer service is not just limited to voice calls. It can now be provided through email, social media, messenger apps, and other digital channels. Outsourced service providers can help you provide omnichannel customer service and efficiently integrate multiple platforms to make sure that your brand provides top-notch customer experience. 

2. Human Resources  

Poor management is often among the primary causes of a startup’s failure. Recruiting top talent and encouraging them to stay with your organization for the long term is no easy feat. When you outsource the HR function of your business, there is a guarantee that your startup company can find and recruit global top talents, and that compensation and benefits packages are tailored to improve employee engagement and employee retention.  

3. Bookkeeping Services 

While many startups and new businesses don’t need a full-time, in-house accountant or bookkeeper, you still need someone who is proficient in international accounting standards, will keep your books in order, and will take care of payroll and tax related concerns. Outsource your bookkeeping services to a third-party firm, and it will save you a lot of money. 

4. Data Entry and Processing 

It takes specially trained data entry professionals to efficiently sift through, sort, and analyze the data. Let professionals handle the complicated task of finding out what consumers want, where to reach your target market, how to increase brand loyalty, and other data-driven insights you can use to bring growth and success to your business.  

5. Digital Marketing  

Marketing your brand on your website, social media accounts, and other digital channels can take up a lot of your time because building a brand in an oversaturated market doesn’t happen overnight. Entrusting your digital marketing services to an outsourcing team with expertise in social media management, online PR, and digital marketing will ensure results you may otherwise find difficult to achieve on your own.  

6. Cybersecurity 

Startups and new businesses are always more prone to growing cybersecurity threats. You need a reliable outsourcing partner to implement secure and effective virtual-work environments, protect customer data and privacy, and onboard new tools and capabilities.  

7. Cloud Computing  

If your startup company doesn’t specialize in IT, there’s a good chance your IT team will either be overwhelmed by the tasks at hand or make mistakes along the way – that is, if you even have one to begin with. With an outsourcing cloud provider, you can increase your flexibility and competitiveness without spending a large chunk of your budget on on-site data centers or software related upgrades. Plus, they will ensure that systems are in place to prevent or quickly mitigate online breaches.   

When done right, outsourcing sparks startup success, increase the chance for thriving, and clears the path toward sustainable and guaranteed growth. Let us help you find top talents in IT, technical support, digital marketing, and cloud services so you can leverage all the benefits of outsourcing in the new normal.